News - 7th March 2020

Hello, my name is Joyce and I am 29. I joined parkrun after two new people started in my workplace – they were from South Africa and they told me how big it is in South Africa and how cool it is to have your results recorded online so you can see how you improve.


It took a bit of time for me to get to my first parkrun but I got there in the end!


I was nervous about not knowing anyone and everyone being really good runners! However I quickly realised that there is friendly people about and not everyone runs – their are lots of walkers and volunteers too. Since starting I have introduced many to parkrun and always try to go with them to their first event.


Now being a regular runner, parkrun provides the social side to my training. I am still learning every day it can get lonely when working away at your goals especially when an event is near. Getting to parkrun still gives me some milage but also gives me social time that normally is dropped off. It has helped increase my confidence for being more social around people I don’t know and starting conversations. It has also helped me teach my son about the importance of regular physical activity and volunteering.


If you’re thinking about going to parkrun, you will be greatly surprised with the varying abilities out there. Not everyone runs like you might think – there is a mix of runners, joggers, walkers, children, prams, and people taking part with their dogs. It is real a family environment and all groups work together.


There are many inspiring people out there giving parkrun a go. So why not start your day off with prioritising something for yourself, getting fresh air and sharing time with other like minded people all trying to look after themselves.


You only get one body and if you look after it well you will still be doing parkrun like the 80 and 90-year-olds taking part!



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