News - 7th March 2020

A shared experience on both sides of the globe


Lizzi Elton-Walters began her parkrun journey in England in 2011 as an inactive university student in her early twenties. Nine years and 366 parkruns later she can be found at Lower Hutt parkrun in New Zealand, and credits parkrun with helping her meet new friends on the other side of the world while creating a shared experience with family in the UK.


I started parkrun in 2011 when I was in a my final year of University. After nearly a decade of inactivity I was thrilled to find a new activity I could enjoy, and also having a reason to get out of bed for 9am on a Saturday morning helped curb some bad University habits!


Since then I have completed 366 parkruns, and between those, I have had two relocations; firstly down the road to Bristol and then secondly right the way around the world to New Zealand where I currently live.


Knowing that parkrun was available in both these new places meant that moving was so much easier – even if I couldn’t make friends at work at least there would be a new, but familiar, community to slot in with. Knowing this made moving to the other side of the world alone a lot easier!


parkrun has increased my physical fitness, done wonders for my mental health, and increased my confidence. My family all participate in the UK and every weekend we check in with how it went.


I’m more confident than I would have been thanks to parkrun. After a year of living in Wellington I became one of the run directors at Lower Hutt. As part of this, we celebrated International Women’s Day in 2018 by having an all female volunteer team, something I’m really proud of doing. I’m also now a volunteer Social Media Ambassador for New Zealand which is an opportunity I never would have had without parkrun!


Lizzi Elton-Walters
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