News - 23rd July 2020

Are your ICE details up to date?


Now we’ve been back parkrunning for a couple of weeks, it’s a good time to do a bit of parkrun housekeeping.


Should anything happen to you while at parkrun, or in life in general, having readily accessible “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) contact details can be important. At parkrun, this information can be recorded in our system and the details will automatically print on your barcode.


It’s also wise to store the information in your smartphone and most now have a system built into so that Medical ID information can be accessed even when the phone is locked.


Click here to learn how to update your parkrun details. Through your parkrun profile, you can also add your (not)parkrun times if you’ve been completing these during the week.


Click here to learn how to add Medical ID information to an iPhone.

Click here to learn how to add Medical ID information to a Google pixel phone.

Click here to learn how to add Medical ID information to a Samsung Galaxy phone. This will be similar for many Android devices, if supported.


If you’ve been parkrunning for a while you may have registered before we started collecting ICE data. In that case, please reprint your barcode or order a new plastic tag, wristbands or flatband.

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