News - 21st April 2021

Go your own pace


When Tricia Walls was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, she feared an ongoing battle with health and weight gain. But then she discovered parkrun.


“Earlier this year, as a diabetic, I started using insulin and felt doomed to put on insulin-induced weight. My sister, Denise, had discovered parkrun the previous year, and had been gathering different people to go along.”


In February this year, Tricia plucked up the courage to go along to Pegasus parkrun with Denise, and she hasn’t looked back. “At first 2.5km was my limit. Then I managed the full 5km. It took me 55 minutes exactly to walk it”. Seven weeks and four parkruns later, she has taken more than ten minutes off that time.


“The ‘run’ part of parkrun initially put me off, until my sister told me that many people walk it. There’s no pressure to go fast, everyone goes at their own pace and people are so friendly and encouraging.”


Tricia credits the community aspect of parkrun as her motivation to keep going. “I’m not good by myself, I need others around me to encourage me along”. Tricia is regularly accompanied by her own little Barkrunner, Splash, who also loves taking part.


Tricia is so inspired by the parkrun stories she reads in her weekly parkrun email, and hopes that her story will inspire others to also take that first step.


She encourages anyone to give parkrun a go. “People can achieve more than they think they can. Take it one step at a time. There is never any pressure”.


When asked if she has any parkrun goals, Tricia laughs. “I already achieved my first goal, that was to finish in under 45 minutes. It’s not always about the time though. It’s the taking part and the social thing that is important to me.”


Tricia is keen to achieve her first milestone t-shirt in the future and is so grateful to her sister Denise for getting her started on her parkrun journey. Her friends, and her scales, are telling her that she has lost weight, and she feels healthier and happier.


“Many times Denise has gathered people to come along to parkrun. I’m so glad she gathered me.”


Claire Taylor

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