News - 10th June 2021

Helping to recover

Garrett Hoffman 1

Garrett Hoffman had already decided that parkrun was something that was key to a happy and healthy life.


But it was when he broke his pelvis that he got to see how parkrun could help with his recovery.


In February 2018 the 40-year-old Puarenga parkrunner was out riding a quad bike.


“There was a sharp turn, I went and hit the wall of the dug track. I then flipped over the front handlebar and landed the left side of my pelvis on a rock. I fractured my pelvis and the nurses at the after-hours asked me how I was standing, I responded ‘in a lot of pain’.”


At that stage, Garrett had already got himself into parkrun. He learned of the free weekly 5km while living in Auckland and ran his first parkrun at Barry Curtis parkrun in 2015.


“While passing by Barry Curtis Park one day I noticed people running. I googled and found out about a 5km timed run r and thought that I can do 5km so let’s try this. I enjoyed trying to beat my previous time. I also enjoy the companionship and the solidarity of the parkrunners at my local parkrun in Rotorua.”


“There’s a history of heart disease in my family. I have three children aged from 2 to 11 and parkrun has helped me keep up my fitness. I feel parkrun has allowed me more time to spend with my children in the future.”


“When I fractured my pelvis it took a while to walk without being in dire pain. After months of physio I needed to push myself to get back to full strength.


“Every week when I would do my parkrun I would struggle to complete the 5km with running the whole time, so I would run 1km then walk 1km for the full distance. Every week I would push myself to beat my previous time until I could run the whole 5km.


“The day I was was able to run the whole 5km, one year after my pelvis was fractured, was a highlight for me.”


Garrett says running each week at parkrun helped him stay fit and win two local fitness challenges. His next challenge is to run sub 20 minutes.


Alison King

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