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Cerise Alderson is no stranger to parkrun


Cerise Alderson is no stranger to parkrun.


Since discovering Cornwall Park parkrun soon after it launched in 2012 she’s been a regular.


Its launch coincided with her foray into running and brought new friends into her life.


So when she suffered an injury she knew parkrun would still be of benefit. “Three years ago I broke my ankle while walking the Tongariro Crossing,” she says.


“I didn’t realise I’d broken it so I carried on walking. That interrupted my running for a bit. I’ve really struggled with my fitness since then – at that stage I’d run 240 parkruns.


“I decided to get volunteering to keep up with my friends, to keep supporting them and parkrun even though I wasn’t running.”


Cerise recently celebrated her 100th volunteer milestone. She’s still not running, but she’s hopeful the fitness will come back. “I’d love to be back running but in the meantime I’m still able to be part of that community.


“A lot of times I’ve volunteered as timekeeper. You get to see everyone.


“When you’re running you only tend to see the people that are roughly your speed but when you’re volunteering you get to see everyone doing it, which is really awesome.


“As timer I love seeing family members and friends who have already finished wait to cheer on others. It’s such an encouraging friendly environment.


“I’ve done other roles, everything but Run Director.


“Even though I’m injured I can still be involved and keep in touch with everyone. It’s helping me get inspired to get back into it and keeping me in contact with an activity that’s been so important to me.


“parkrun is something where you meet people you probably wouldn’t meet otherwise; people from every walk of life. It’s lovely to meet these people for an hour.


Cerise learned of parkrun from friends in the UK. “I used to see them on facebook and thought it was really cool. When I heard it had started up in New Zealand I just kept my eye out for one near me.


“I’d just started running that year. The distance is a nice distance for most people, 5km is quite achievable.


“Then Barry Curtis opened up and it’s closer to where I live but I’d already got my friends at Cornwall Park. I ran Barry Curtis a few times but I missed the friends I’d made.”


Cerise says she’s planning on returning to volunteer when parkrun returns from this current pause and will order her new 100 volunteer milestone shirt when they are available.


Alison King

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