News - 31st March 2022

Swipe right for parkrun


When Hayley Robinson swiped right little did she know she would also end up a parkrunner.


“I was never a runner, I prefer to swim. But I met Michael on Tinder in June 2014 and within a few weeks he asked me if I wanted to go with him to a free 5k on the weekend.


“It sounded like something fun to do. I thought maybe we’d do a bit of a walk.


“The first Saturday he did it with me. I’d forgotten how big Hamilton Lake was! I’d been living in the UK for six years and had forgotten a lot about home.


“I’d been wanting to get out more, be active and get fit. After a few weeks in a row I wanted a lie-in having worked all week but now parkrun is part of our life. We go every week.”




Hayley says she started as a walker and soon started running, but she’s back to walking parkrun for now. “I’ve stopped and started with running but still kept on going to parkrun.


“I learned that Michael was good at running. Most times he will finish and then find me on the course and walk the last kilometre with me.


“I like that parkrun is for everyone and you can go at your own pace. You’re never last because there’s always a tail walker.


“You make new friends and have someone to talk to. Even if you don’t want to run or walk you can always volunteer.


“parkrun is friendly – people will talk to you and encourage you.


“We both enjoy parkrun tourism and going to other events. I’ve run at 18 so far and we’re aiming to get to all of them eventually. My favourite so far has been Queenstown as it has such beautiful scenery.




“I don’t think I would have found parkrun without Michael. We’re now married and enjoying parkrun every weekend in our own way.”

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