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Why life should be more like parkrun

Robyn Richards from Blenheim parkrun has just completed her 100th parkrun! Having reached the milestone, Robyn began to reflect on how parkrun, and the journey parkrunners go on, reflects life.   I’m a huge parkrun fan, and recently I realised why. Along with 350 or so others, I was jogging around a 5km course on the island…

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A look back at 15 years of parkrun

On Saturday 2 October 2004, 13 runners and five volunteers turned up to Bushy Park in Teddington, London for a free, timed, 5k run, known then as the Bushy Park Time Trial.   Little did they know what they had started.     15 years later, more than four million different people around the world…

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From the UK to NZ and the path to 500

When Brit Steve Darby started parkrunning, he could have run all the parkruns in the world in a single month.   Then 42, now 53 – Steve will notch up 500 parkruns this Saturday and will be the first person outside the UK to do so. To date, only 70 people in the world have reached the…

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A whole family affair

Dwaine Faletanoai first heard about parkrun through his wife Catherine. Now Saturday mornings are a whole family affair!   Dwaine tells us more about his parkrun journey…   I first heard about parkrun through my wife Catherine who, along with two of her sisters tried it for the first time around March 2018, after hearing…

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From THAT kid to the 50 club

Linda Compton was approaching her fifties when she decided to come along to her first parkrun.   Linda explains how she went from being THAT kid at school who hated running, to the verge of joining the parkrun 50 club.   I first came to parkrun because, while I had already lost quite a bit…

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Going full circle

Cleo McNaught decided to make some positive changes to her life and found the parkrun community in the process.   Now 23kg down, she tells us about her journey to a healthier life alongside her family and the Invercargill parkrun community.   I first heard about parkrun from a mutual friend of Elizabeth Henry who…

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Become a parkrun Ambassador

In order to support the existing and future parkrun events in New Zealand, we are introducing a national network of parkrun Ambassadors.     This is an exciting new development and a great way to get involved in volunteering at parkrun outside of Saturday mornings!   Ambassadors are skilled and experienced volunteers who provide vital…

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A sense of belonging

Recently, in the middle of a cold and wet Saturday morning, regular parkrunnner Tash Vruink found herself wondering why it is that so many people get up every Saturday morning to attend parkrun. Tash tells us her thoughts…   I was recently down in Christchurch staying with a friend and after I dragged her out of bed early…

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