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parkrun profile: Invercargill

For a while, Invercargill parkrun was a sought-after parkrun for challenge collectors. Not for its ‘I’ but for the fact it was the world’s most southern parkrun.   That mantel was lost when Cape Pembroke Lighthouse parkrun launched, but still, Invercargill remains New Zealand’s most southern (and westerly) and an event to visit in its…

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parkrun Profile: Hagley

Nestled in the centre of Christchurch is the wide expanse of Hagley Park.   The park is divided North and South, and it’s North Hagley where you want to head towards, on Saturday mornings to join New Zealand’s most attended parkrun.   Event director Richard Malloch says Hagley parkrun offers Christchurch residents and visitors a…

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parkrun Profile: Owairaka parkrun

Owairaka parkrun in Auckland is one of New Zealand’s newer parkruns. With a growing number of walkers, friendly locals and an amazing post-parkrun cafe, there’s something for everyone according to Event Director Julie Collard.   To the unassuming eye, the house opposite the Owairaka parkrun start line is nothing special. But to the initiated it…

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parkrun Profile: Millwater

Think of Auckland parkruns and most visitors will name Cornwall Park and Western Springs.   In the northern reaches of the city is the hidden gem of Millwater. It was the lucky seventh parkrun to start in New Zealand, and the third in Auckland.   When it launched in September 2014 it had 61 walkers,…

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parkrun Profile: Queenstown parkrun

You’d be hard-pressed not to find a reason to visit Queenstown parkrun.   It’s the only Q parkrun in New Zealand, but also finds itself nestled among some of the most breath-taking scenery. Add to that the variety of experiences visitors can enjoy while in town and its surrounds, well you might as well just…

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parkrun Profile: Russell Park

The newest parkrun to join the New Zealand parkrun family is in Central Hawke’s Bay.   Russell Park parkrun launched on April 9, more than two years after initial plans got underway, with 95 finishers and 13 volunteers.   It is the 37th event in the country and the third in the Hawke’s Bay region, with…

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parkrun Profile: Whanganui Riverbank

In 2017 the New Zealand Government passed a bill that recognised the Whanganui River as a living person.   It has guardians appointed to speak on its behalf in order to protect it.   The river is what makes Whanganui Riverbank parkrun special. Run Director Michelle Selby says even though most of the city’s runners…

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parkrun Profile: Hamilton Park

When you talk about parentage of parkruns Hamilton Park parkrun in Gore can trace its lineage directly to New Zealand’s second event at Cornwall Park in Auckland.   It was there in 2012 that Bridget McLeod ran her one and only parkrun. She was living and working as a teacher and moved to the deep…

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parkrun Profile: Whangarei

It’s been said that it’s not a true Whangarei parkrun experience unless the bridge opens midway through your parkrun.   The opening of Te Matau A Pohe bridge has thwarted many personal best attempts, but even if it doesn’t happen mid-parkrun for you, then chances are you may still see it rise sooner or later.  …

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parkrun Profile: Pegasus

It shares its name with a mythical creature but the only thing they have in common is that they are both legendary.   Pegasus parkrun is named after the planned urban development in Canterbury, New Zealand.   It launched on June 18, 2016 with 61 finishers and six volunteers. Over its almost six year history…

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