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Do you volunteer?

How you choose to participate at parkrun, and whether or not you choose to go, is entirely up to you. Getting involved as a walker, runner, volunteer or spectator, parkrun means different things to different people on different weeks. What is consistent, however, is how we get involved must always be a choice.   When…

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Meet Event Ambassador Wendy Watts

When Wendy Watts discovered parkrun a whole new world opened up to her, now she is helping many other events as an Ambassador.   Wendy turned up to her local parkrun in Palmerston North at its inaugural event on October 28, 2017. She was a run/walker and since that day has found herself on the…

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Children’s volunteer day at East End

The sun was shining brightly as participants lined up on the coastal walkway ready for the start of East End parkrun’s 113th event. One of the reasons parkrun is free, for everyone, forever – because its event organisers are all volunteers.   However, there was something a little different about the volunteers this week –…

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Showing our children what community means

My daughter and I go to parkrun every weekend.   I’m a Run Director, we both volunteer and we both run, my husband and I tag team who runs with our two children and we all volunteer together.   My daughter is seven years old and has volunteered 31 times and is on her 27th…