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Kolme sukupolvea

Iloinen puheensorina kuuluu jo kaukaa, kun perhe Tiilikka lähestyy parkrun Tampereen lähtöpaikkaa. Tiilikan perheestä osallistutaan parkruniin kolmessa sukupolvessa: isovanhemmat Erkki ja Anna-Liisa, heidän poikansa Jarmo ja Juha sekä Jarmon tytöt Julia ja Laura ja Juhan poika Joonas. Lähes poikkeuksetta jokaisena vuoden lauantaina on ainakin joku perheenjäsenistä mukana kävelemässä tai juoksemassa, useimmiten lähes koko porukka. Ahkerimpia…

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Three generations – the Tiilikka family

A cheerful chatter can be heard from distance when Tiilikka family approaches the starting point of parkrun at Tampere. Three generations of the Tiilikka family are participating at parkrun: grandparents Erkki and Anna-Liisa, their sons Jarmo and Juha but also Jarmo’s daughters Julia and Laura as well as Juha’s son Joonas. Almost every Saturday of…

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Our photos from this Saturday from parkrun Nordics

We start this week in a sunny Fælledparken parkrun, one lap done, two left to go!   And here we’re at Esbjerg parkrun, waiting for the start   Down with the kids, DABbing at Huddinge parkrun   And another photo from out on the course in Huddinge   Walk, run, jog or jump, Örebro parkrun…

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‘The’ parkrun tour

The word ‘the’ is the most commonly used word in the English language – so much so, we’ve already used it four times!   And parkrun is no exception to this, with 12 parkruns worldwide starting with the word the.   For those parkrunners looking for some inspiration, here are five parkruns that will capture…

Göran in Florence
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We want to see your parkrun holiday photos!

It’s summertime and lots of our Nordic-based parkrunners are off on holiday, exploring the world, and fitting in a sneaky parkrun whilst they are at it! We want to hear from you if you have been at a parkrun somewhere outside of the Nordics – send in your photos and we will include them in…

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parkrun Stats

Last weekend at parkrun in the Nordics there were: 24 events! 922 finishers! 149 fantastic volunteers! 144 brilliant PBs! 99 amazing first-time parkrunners!

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The weekly Nordic photo round-up!

Rain in the west, sunshine in the east but most importantly good parkrun vibes all over the region. Here’s what it looked like on Saturday at our events in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark:   Dømmesmoen parkrun this week welcomed the Ulvang family who are regular runners and volunteers at Tøyen parkrun. Little Patrick was…

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Community – the secret of success!

This week we at Örebro Canoe Club (Kanotförening) are lucky enough to tell our story. We are a bunch of young people who love to train, and above all to paddle. Our club believes that success is built through community, which is an opinion we share with parkrun. Attending the event has become part of…

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Gemenskap – nyckeln till framgång!

Denna vecka har vi från Örebro Kanotförening fått turen att dela med oss av vår verksamhet. Vi är ett gäng ungdomar som älskar att träna, och framförallt att paddla. Vår klubb tror på att framgång byggs via gemenskap, vilket är en åsikt vi delar med parkrun. Att delta i evenemanget har blivit en del av…

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Numerical parkruns

Numbers and statistics have always been a huge part of parkrun. From the very first event when 13 runners and five volunteers took part, right up to the present day which has just seen us top 50,000,000 completed parkruns.   And that’s before we even get to milestones, average attendances, total distance run, age grading percentages,…