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parkrun helped me to dare!

Just over 1 1/2 years ago I told my PT at the gym that I would like to be able to jog 5 km. I had NEVER jogged so far in my life. Running has really not been my thing.   The PT got me out on my first 2 km. I felt pretty ridiculous…

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Running in the rain – the photo round-up from 12 October

Plenty of rain this Saturday, although it should be noted that it was entirely and perhaps unexpectedly dry in Bergen, where Løvstien parkrun was celebrating their first birthday. In Finland both Tampere and Vääksyn kanava parkrun also had birthday celebrations. Here’s the best of the photos for this week’s round-up:   Autumn leaves on the…

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parkrun Stats

Last weekend at parkrun in the Nordics there were: 25 events! 1106 finishers! 174 fantastic volunteers! 139 brilliant PBs! 88 amazing first-time parkrunners!

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Gratulerer med dagen Løvstien parkrun!

Løvstien feirer sitt første år på lørdag, og det er på tide med en liten oppsummering og refleksjon av hvordan det første året med parkrun i Bergen, Norge har vært. Skrevet av arrangementsansvarlig Heidi Espedal.     “Inkludert lørdagens parkrun har vi nå rundet 50 løp i Løvstien. Vårt største deltakerantall har vært 42 stk,…

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Happy birthday Løvstien parkrun!

Løvstien parkrun will celebrate their first anniversary this Saturday. It’s time for a summary and some reflections on how the first year of parkrun has been in Bergen, Norway – from the event director Heidi Espedal’s perspective.     “Including the anniversary event on Saturday, we will have carried out 50 parkruns in Løvstien. Our…

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Autumn colours – a photo round-up from 5/10

Welcome to the photo round-up from around the region this Saturday. Autumn colours are the dominating theme, with the first dusting of snow thrown in from our most easterly parkrun, Vääksyn kanava. Have a look for yourself……   It was Kungsängen parkrun’s 2nd anniversary, and the local café brought along coffee and buns to celebrate…

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parkrun Stats

Last weekend at parkrun in the Nordics there were: 25 events! 1127 finishers! 163 fantastic volunteers! 202 brilliant PBs! 120 amazing first-time parkrunners!

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Better Together – bring a friend to parkrun

How has parkrun become so successful around the world, despite having an advertising budget of essentially zero?   Well, it is one of the best examples of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations that we know of. Think about how you first got to hear about parkrun? It’s most likely that you heard about it from a…

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Not just a run in the park

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of parkrun last weekend, parkrun UK has released results from an independent survey which proves that that participation in parkrun in the UK really does make people healthier and happier, and not just from running or walking.   The survey had an incredible 60,000 responses and showed that volunteering has…

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parkrun Saturday photo round-up!

Welcome to this week’s photo round-up from around the Nordics! Plenty of first-timers, hundreds of PBs, and all thanks to our fantastic volunteers who helped to support our 25 events. Here’s some of the best photos from across the region:   Happy runners at this week’s Amager Strandpark parkrun   This week’s wonderful volunteer team…