News - 23rd November 2016

parkrun and Strava


One of parkrun’s global partners is the activity tracker & athletes community Strava. The service is free and it’s an excellent way of recording the workouts that you do, through either the Strava website or app. (Strava also offers a ‘Premium’ service with added functionality, but the free service definitely gives you all you need when you’re starting out). You can upload everything simply via your smartphone or GPS watch.
Like other social media networks, you can then link up with up other friends and runners, check out their training and give each other ‘kudos’ for workouts completed. There’s some neat features, such as Strava ‘segments’ where you can compare your time against others over a certain route, which can be anything from up a short hill climb to a longer route around a park or lake.
Strava have now developed ‘Clubs’ for every parkrun around the world, where you can connect with everyone who runs that parkrun. We’re pleased to say that Haga parkrun is now added to the list, so you can go in and join the Haga parkrun Club here. And of course Haga parkrun is included as a segment, so you’ll always be able to see and analyse your runs (you can even come and run the route in your own time and log it as a parkrun Freedom run.
This way we hope to reach out to the Strava community here in Sweden and tell them that parkrun has arrived!
You can read all about the partnership between parkrun and Strava here, which also explains everything you need to do to link your parkrun and Strava profiles.

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