News - 21st December 2016

3 million registrations and counting!


A few months ago we were wondering when the 3 millionth person would register for parkrun, and predicted that it would be sometime in November or December – and right on time, last week saw we welcomed the 3 millionth parkrunner worldwide! Louise Edwards from Perth, Scotland has the sought after parkrun number A3000000 (we’re not sure yet if she’s aware of her new found fame!)

Will we get to runner 4,000,000 by the end of 2017? A million new runners in a year sounds like a big number, but with events starting up around the world every week, anything is possible! We really hope to be able to grow to several events during the coming 12 months and help to establish parkrun in more locations here in Sweden!

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Welcome to the special day events in Denmark & Sweden!

This weekend will be a celebration of parkrun with our ‘special day’ events taking place in Denmark on 5th June and Sweden on 6th June, in addition to our regular parkrun events on Saturday 3rd June.   In Denmark 6 of our 9 events will be hosting a special event on Monday 5th June, including…


We’re one team

All around the world, we’ve seen over 28,000 unique volunteers in the parkwalker role and they’ve parkwalked over 52,000 times!   We speak to one of the parkwalkers, Cathy Hannon, about why she chooses to volunteer in her favourite role every Saturday morning. Cathy’s chronic condition means that parkwalking is the best option for her, she relishes the…