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parkrun stories – 2006 in Bushy Park, where it all began

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So what did parkrun look like 10 years ago? Well, thanks to some photos from the archives from our regular volunteer Cilla Pettersson, we can see what parkrun looked like all the way back then.
We asked Cilla for a few of her memories from these days and how things have changed over the years:
How did you first hear about parkrun?
In 2005 when my partner and I lived in London. It was my local running club in Richmond (Ranelagh Harriers) which introduced me to parkrun. This was early days for parkrun and it was only in Bushy Park.
What’s your memories of your first parkrun event?
The atmosphere and the surrounding in Bushy Park were fantastic. It was always very nice to get to Bushy Park early in the mornings and the small crowd coming was always very chatty and extremely positive.
What’s changed about parkrun since you were running at Bushy park 11 years ago?
Unfortunately I did not do many parkruns in UK since we had to move. It took 11 years until parkrun has come and finally reached my hometown Stockholm. I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere at Haga parkrun today which is very similar to the one I experienced in the early days at Bushy Park. About what has changed: well, the barcode system did not exist in those days which makes it easier both for the runners and the volunteers today.
Did you have any idea back then about what a success parkrun would become?
No. It is just amazing that so many people get up in the morning every weekend to run parkrun in so many countries. What I find the most extraordinary is that there are people who now organise their vacations around the parkruns they want to run across Europe and the rest of the world! It is also funny in a way to have been part of parkrun when this was just a little local run.
Why did you get involved in helping with Haga parkrun?
When I got to know that parkrun was coming to Sweden it was obvious that I wanted to help! I now really enjoy meeting all the volunteers involved in making the run possible every weekend plus of course all the runners on Saturdays.
What’s your favourite volunteering role and why?
Hmm, I don´t know yet – I am trying to learn them all! Last time I helped out as a Timer which I thought was very nice to be able to see all the happy runners reaching the finish line!

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