News - 15th February 2017

Some milestones for parkrun Sweden!


This weekend we are looking forward to celebrating some milestones – the 1000th run performance at Haga parkrun, the 500th different parkrunner at Haga parkrun, and 5000km run in total at Haga parkrun! Small steps, but all worth celebrating we think!
All of us involved in the core team at Haga parkrun were a little bit uncertain about how the winter would unfold here in Sweden, but we’ve been delighted to see everyone coming along, both to run and to volunteer, right throughout this first winter of our existence. Admittedly, it hasn’t been the coldest winter on record, but we have still dealt with snow, ice and the cold over the past 3-4 months and feel that only having to cancel twice (so far) is a record to be proud of.
We hope that you can come along to Haga parkrun on Saturday and help celebrate these milestones with us!

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