Nyheter - 20th July 2018

This week’s photo round-up from around the Nordics

Haga with copper tents

It’s still hot, hot, hot everywhere in the Nordics! Here’s some action shots from this week’s events. We hope that you can join us again this Saturday!

Fika time after Uppsala parkrun

Henrik Anne
Volunteer t-shirts on display for Anne & Henrik, two legends of Amager Fælled parkrun

It feels good to reach the turnaround point at Tampere parkrun!
A family effort at Örebro parkrun
Huddinge  july
Enjoying some shade at Huddinge parkrun
kungsängen anna
You can have THIS much fun being a volunteer at Kungsängen parkrun!

The beach is not far away at Malmö Ribersborg parkrun

Haga parkrun looking stunning in the summer sunshine
Amager strandpark way to start
The walk out to the start at Amager Strandpark parkrun
Esbjerg 100 shirts
Lots of parkrun experience on display at Esbjerg parkrun

Dela med vänner:

Axel 1 cover

parkrunner of the week!

We want you to meet some of the people running parkrun here in the Nordics. First up, Axel Walø from Tøyen parkrun in Oslo. Axel has run 71 of the 73 Tøyen parkruns to date, including 11 times as the Tail Walker. A dedicated parkrunner!   How did you first hear about parkrun? Leste på…

Ops team

parkrun – learning from our global family

Last week I was over in the UK taking part in a ‘parkrun Global’ Operations meeting. They collectively make sure that everything works properly on a Saturday morning around the world. It’s been a chance to see how the decisions for parkrun events get made, and have the opportunity to also contribute to this process,…