Nyheter - 26th July 2018

parkrunning on both sides of ‘The Bridge’

öresund bridge

We’ve been reading with some interest about ‘Time travelling parkrunners’ , parkrunners who have crossed the International date line from Australia or New Zealand to Canada, to complete two parkruns in one day.
Well, we would like to present our Scandinavian equivalent, which we are planning for the first time this New Year. It may not be travelling across continents, but there are few more iconic journeys than travelling across the famous Öresund bridge from Denmark to Sweden, made famous by the worldwide success of the series ‘The Bridge’.
New Year’s Day is one of the times where parkrunners have the possibility regularly complete two different parkruns, and with the recent opening of Malmö Ribersborg parkrun, we saw the opportunity for us to be able to not only have two parkruns on one day, but two different parkruns in two different parkrun countries on one day!
For those not familiar with the local geography (we are thinking parkrun tourists here), Malmö and København (Copenhagen) are located directly opposite one another across the Öresund/Øresund strait. Many people commute between the two cities on a daily basis and there are quick and frequent trains between the two.

map Copenhagen malmö
We also have two events which are located right on the shores, with Amager Strandpark being the closest of the three Danish events in Copenhagen. The two events aren’t quite visible from one another – the island of Saltholm comes in the way – but of course you can see the famous bridge linking the two countries from both.
Plans are at an early stage, but we are looking at suggesting having the Danish event as the first event of the day and hosting the Malmö Ribersborg event at a later than usual start time. We will make sure that we give adequate time so that parkrunners can travel safely between the two events.
We will be back with more details as soon as we finalise them!
Until then, happy parkrunning everyone!

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