Nyheter - 26th September 2018

A new member of the parkrun family!

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Greetings from Vääksyn kanava parkrun, a new member of the parkrun family!


The new parkrun will be held along the beautiful Vääksy canal in Asikkala. There are a lot of possibilities for sport in Asikkala and it was chosen as the sportiest municipality in Finland in 2017.


Vääsky 3

The course follows the canal for most of the route
Vääsky 2
It is flat, fast and scenic!
I have been a member of Tampere parkrun team, but my roots are in Asikkala and I spend all my free time out there. My original plan was starting parkrun in Lahti, but I had difficulties to find volunteers. Then I had a talk with my brother and he suggested to start parkrun in Vääksy. What happened: I got 8 volunteers in a few days, including the mayor!


Quite fast we came to conclusion about the route. The most important factors for choosing the route were runners security and to make the route easy to follow. In addition, we have the bonus a beautiful running landscape. We also planned second route for snowfall that is close to the main route. We are planning to start on 13-Oct.


Vääsky 5

The view out on to the lake at one end of the route


Vääsky 4

The incredibly sweet post-parkrun café!


What about my motives? I have a big family: my brothers, cousins and uncles all like jogging and running. Including my husband (pictured above, at Tampere parkrun) and children. It brings to us joy and pleasure. Now I have a good opportunity to have fun with them on Saturdays in parkrun!


Sari Helminen
Vääksyn kanava parkrun

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