Nyheter - 26th September 2018

Small but perfectly formed – a tourist’s view of Malmö Ribersborg parkrun

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Why Malmö? I have to confess to being a lover of Nordic Noir and when Malmö Ribersborg parkrun was launched back in April, it was simply a must to come and visit being so close to ‘The Bridge’! I know I’m not the only one who has found this very appealing so over the coming years you can expect a stream of similar parkrun ‘NN’ tourists! I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a fantastic location, right next to the beach and the Ribersborg Kallbadhus, with great views of the Bridge and the Turning Torso.
In spite of some heavy rain on Friday, we (husband Ian and I) were greeted by clear blue skies. It was however, very windy. As keen parkrun tourists, it is always exciting to find a different event so we set off in good time for the 2k walk from our hotel along to Ribersborg. En route, we were overtaken by a couple on bikes, one who was wearing a ’100′ t-shirt so we knew we were on the right track. They were soon out of sight and it transpired that it was Katherine and Phil, the EDs. As we got closer, we saw someone putting an arrow in place (Gen) and walked along the path to the start, chatting freely about parkrun and soon fell into the familiar Saturday morning routine. We were warmly greeted by Katherine and Phil and others who were helping set up including fellow Liverpudlian, Steve.
malmo finish
After a clear run brief, Phil wasted no time in getting us going and we were off. The first mile was a killer as we were heading straight into the wind but I was hopeful that we’d get some downwind assistance but that didn’t really happen as the southern leg was too sheltered. The course is flat and fast and has great PB potential when there’s no wind! There was great support from the marshals and the course was clearly marked. Once through the finish and a bit of time to get our breath back, the parkrun chat continued. We’d loved to have stopped for coffee and fika but unfortunately had to dash off.
cafe view
The stunning Ribersborg Kallbadhus, where parkrunners gather for a post-run coffee
Our home run is Macclesfield in Cheshire, UK where we are members of the core team. We also started in April this year but what a contrast of two events. Our weekly average number of runners is 280 in comparison to Malmö’s 40 and today’s run, saw only 20 finishers including 4 brand new people to parkrun. We chatted to one of them, Rose-Marie who is a local resident. Her sister parkruns in the UK and has been nagging her for a while to try Malmö parkrun. Well, she did and she loved it and hopefully she’s hooked. The small field was a great mix of locals, Brits and Aussies who are working locally, and a few other visitors. Katherine and Phil are looking forward to numbers growing as the word spreads which I have no doubt it will.
We look forward to seeing your parkrun community grow and will spread the word to our UK parkrun tourist community to visit you soon. Thanks to all the volunteers who made it possible for us to run with you.
Eve and Ian
Happy parkrunning!
Eve Taylor
You can read other run reports from Malmö Ribersborg parkrun at http://www.parkrun.se/malmoribersborg/news/

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