Nyheter - 4th October 2018

A glorious morning

A glorious morning

This week’s Örebro parkrun was all about an event with our local radio station P4 Örebro and their annual fundraising for “Världens barn”. They had built up the event all week via radio and social media and interest on facebook; we had high expectations of a good turnout so all we needed now was some kind thoughts from the weather gods and indeed (as is often the case on Saturdays at 09.30!) it turned out to be a glorious autumn morning.
Simply stunning – Örebro parkrun – Rynningeviken, Örebro
It was an early start for my part, getting down to parkrun by 07.30 so I could help the P4 sound technician set up and already the weather showed signs of being kind to us. I slowly set up our own start/ finish area and soon enough the volunteer team started to turn up. With an expected large turnout we made sure we had plenty of volunteers and even my kids out on the course as cheerleaders with homemade signs! They even got a mention on the radio and the participants really appreciated their high-fives.
Örebro parkrun #73
The P4 host, Alfred Wreeby, had asked if I could join him on the roof of their van for the pre-run brief which was to be aired live on the radio! Gulp, was my instant reaction as I have acrophobia, but what does one NOT do in the name of parkrun!
Örebro parkrun #73
Live on the roof with P4′s Alfred Wreeby and Mr. acrophobia!
I have to admit, it was great fun being involved and promoting parkrun and Världens barn with local radio and for us at parkrun it was a chance to spread the word to a wider audience. The parkrun message will obviously, eventually get around, it’s too good not to, but this can take years normally, especially as we’re still fairly new in Sweden.
The view from the roof of the van, albeit shaky, was awesome. Just to see so much positivity and anticipation; many new faces not quite sure what to expect, the great thing is that we regulars to parkrun know they are guaranteed a great experience.
I climbed down (just about!) from the roof, gratefully and Matias Holm from P4 fired the start pistol at exactly 09.30 (maybe a first for us!) and so got event #73 underway. Today was a classic parkrun with a mix of all abilities, ages, runners, walkers, push-chairs and dogs!
I was happy to greet Tim Sundström before the start, who “squeezed” us before heading off to his job after parkrun. Tim has our male course record, with a very fine 15.52. This time around he came in at 16.21.
Örebro parkrun #73
Me & Tim before the start

Örebro parkrun #73

Örebro parkrun #73

Örebro parkrun #73
Such a great turnout today

One by one they started to come in and before not too long we had streams of runners to joggers to walkers coming across the 5km finish line. One little boy aged just 11 ran the course in a very fine 20.39! The sun was shining, P4 was rocking with the occassional live reporting with Frida, who was running parkrun carrying a radio-pack!
Örebro parkrun #73
P4′s Frida Tranvik
P4 Örebro with parkrun ended up raising 9219 Kronor towards Världens barn, which they, I’ve been informed, are really pleased about. The atmosphere, the vibe and allround warmth that is generated at parkrun is really something to be witnessed for yourselves; we promise – it’s addictive. parkrun is not a race. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get around and it’s ok for you to walk if you don’t want to run the whole way.
Örebro parkrun is every Saturday, start 09.30 at Gamla Oljehamnen, opposite Naturens Hus, Ryningeviken. Please tell all your friends, family, colleagues that literally everyone is welcome; it’s such a fantastic way to start your weekend.
Matt Ford
Event Director Örebro parkrun

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