Nyheter - 13th November 2018

The New Year’s Day Double

Malmo pic for newsletter

Earlier this year we announced the intention to host a ‘New Year’s Day Double’ linking our events in Denmark and Sweden, giving parkrunners a chance to run on both sides of the bridge on the same day, January 1st.
öresund bridge
Time flies by and it is clearly time to finalise the plans! We know that there are already ‘parkrun tourists’ booking their flights for this cool opportunity and of course there will be many dedicated local parkrunners who will be joining in the fun.
Amager Faelled
So it will actually be the original parkrun in Denmark, Amager Fælled, which will be the first parkrun of the day, starting at its regular time of 09.00. Last year there were 33 runners who took part in the New Year’s Day run, and we are expecting at least double that amount or more this year.
transport copenhagen
For those taking public transport it will be a quick walk, jog, or run to make your way to DR Byen station (see map above), take a metro three stops to Ørestad Station where the trains will be waiting to whizz you over the bridge to Sweden. (There’s regular trains even on New Year’s Day – details of the train times will be posted on the event’s Facebook pages closer to the time).
Malmö station to start
bus malmö
Once you arrive in Malmö station it’s then back along the water to the start of Malmö Ribersborg parkrun (see maps above, showing the quickest way to jog or run to the event, or alternatively take the number 7 bus which goes directly to the start of the event from the central station), adjacent to the Kallbadhus pier.
Here the event team will be eagerly awaiting the runners arriving from Denmark, ready for an 11.00 start. (They are, of course, aware that there will be a contingent of parkrunners arriving from over the sea, so the start time will be flexible to allow for slight delays).
Alternatively, it will be even quicker to take a car to transport you from one parkrun to another. In the car the journey takes approximately 30 minutes. Note that you need to pay a fee to cross over the bridge.
Please note that whilst we of course encourage the option of car sharing, the events won’t be formally co-ordinating this for parkrunners. Again, there may be opportunities to co-ordinate this through each event’s Facebook page nearer the time.
And a final thing to mention – this time it’s #DFYP (Don’t Forget Your Passport) as well as #DYFB (Don’t Forget Your Barcode). You will need this to travel across the border between Denmark and Sweden (new rules were brought into place regarding this a couple of years ago).
We hope to see many parkrunners from near and far on this special day and look forward to celebrating the very first time in parkrun’s history that so many people have run two parkruns in two different countries on the same day! And we hope the Kallbadhus is open for fika afterwards……

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