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More than just a run in the park

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We’re often asked about parkrun, and what we stand for – why are we more than just a run in the park? Well, the clue is in parkrun’s mission statement – to help create a happier and healthier planet.


We thought we’d list a few things that we stand for, to help explain what it is that keeps people coming back again and again to be part of the world’s biggest physical activity movement, and why over 25,000 people each week sign up to be volunteers to help organise our events.

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We believe that physical activity doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive


That’s why parkrun will always be free, forever. Walking, jogging and running are simple and cheap activites and parkrun reflects that. You might not get a t-shirt or a medal after a parkrun, but you can walk, jog or run with us – for free – 52 weeks a year.


And before you start worrying too much about ‘running technique’, just focus on enjoying your parkrunning and getting out there and the rest will look after itself!

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We believe that volunteering is something rewarding and positive, not just something to be dreaded or avoided


Every parkrun is organised by a team of volunteers, which includes people who take part in our events. You get the satisfaction of doing something good, meeting new people and making new friends, and feeling part of something positive in your local community.


You will come away every Saturday with some positive energy to boost your weekend.



We believe in being social


We think it’s great to bring people together, whether you are running with friends and family, or whether you make new friends at parkrun from the people you meet and talk to each week.


That’s why, if possible, we want our events to finish near a cafe so that everyone can gather for coffee and cake after the parkrun.



We believe that the taking part is the most important thing, and that people of all levels of ability can participate in parkrun


Whether you walk, jog or run (or a combination of the above!) it doesn’t matter to us. We want you to feel welcome, whatever your speed and however you make your way around the course.


That’s why we have a Tail Walker at most of our events, so that no-one ever finishes ‘last’ and you’ll always be cheered over the finish line by our volunteers.

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We believe that everyone should be included at parkrun


Whether you are young or old, with a baby in a pram, or a dog on a lead, whether you have sight, hearing or any other physical or mental health impairments, we want you to join us at parkrun.


We want to create a warm and welcoming environment where everyone feels part of the parkrun family.

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We believe that parkrun complements the running community brilliantly 


We want running clubs to come along and use our events for their members – why not take the opportunity to use a free, 5km, timed event every Saturday morning as part of your training plan.


Even better, why not help to start up an event and get loads of new members for your club, and really reach out to the local community.

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We believe in the importance of continuity


Making exercise a regular habit, rather than just focussing on a once-a-year event. That’s why parkrun takes place right throughout the year, every Saturday at the same time and the same place.


parkrun is a genuine community, that is greatly loved by so many people who come into contact with it. It’s that connection that makes people want to start their own events and help spread parkrun further around the world.


If you’re a parkrunner here in the Nordics, we hope that we’ve given you a little bit of that feeling as well. A warm welcome to parkrun on Saturday to you all!

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