Nyheter - 10th January 2019

2018 in parkrun Finland

tampere cover pic

The year 2018 in Finland has been great. Tampere parkrun was joined by Helsinki and Vääksy. During year 2018 we organized 76 events, had 971 new registrations, all together 3512 parkrunners and 647 volunteers. parkrunners still came along despite the outside temperatures fluctuating from -20oC to +30oC.



2018 marked the arrival of parkrun to the capital with the start of Tokoinranta parkrun in Helsinki. It’s organized by a small team of volunteers and attracts many tourists and locals alike due to its central location, scenic route and welcoming post-parkrun cafe.

vääksy parkrun

One of our most finest moment was when Paul Sinton-Hewitt visited both Helsinki and Tampere parkruns. Thank you for visiting!



During the year 2018 Jyri Hänninen was the first to accomplish all three parkruns in Finland! Good job!

We had the pleasure to receive a lot of tourists from different continents and cities. We still hope visitors from Antarctica so every continent would be covered!

We thank all the parkrunners for this amazing year! In 2019 parkrun Finland hopes to grow to other cities as well and become the place for people to spend time on Saturday mornings.
Johanna Riippi
Tampere parkrun

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