Nyheter - 21st January 2019

Snowy courses and woolly socks!

Socks in Vääksy kanava cover

In recent years ‘barefoot running’ has become something of a trend, but this isn’t so practical in winter with snow all around. So what’s the solution for the minimalist runner?


Well, the answer comes from Finland, woollen socks. Last week we included a photo in our newsletter of parkrunner Tanja Kairimo and her son Unto running in stylish woollen socks. We wanted to know about what it’s like to run in woollen socks, so we asked Tanja to tell us more:


“I’ve got several pairs of ordinary woollen socks which I wear in turn. When I run I wear three pairs of socks: two pairs of woollen socks and a pair of ordinary sports socks underneath them. Some runners wear only two pair of socks (i.e only one pair of woollen socks).


My feet don’t get wet, even the ”middle woollen sock layer” always stays dry. I don´t run with socks when it rains. Or in the summer – only when there is enough snow.”


Vääksy socks running


“This is my second winter when I do a bit more of running in woollen socks. I have used barefoot running shoes as my only running shoes for several years, so running in woollen socks during the winter felt like a good idea.


With woollen socks you won’t even get snow in your shoes! And yes, they always keep my feet warm – they’re warmer than ordinary running shoes.”


socks 2


“Wool socks are best suited in running on pure snow. If there’s sand or gravel on the snow, the socks might not last very long. They aren’t slippery in snow. If the surface is icy, you always have to be careful – and I think the softer surface feels better.


I recommend running in wool socks for everyone! Though it’s better to begin with shorter distances so that your feet get accustomed to it.”


This year they are also organizing the national championships in woollen sock running in Finland, which just goes to show how many others are opting for this choice of footwear.


Go Finland, go Tanja and go woolly socks!

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