Nyheter - 28th January 2019

A snowy photo round-up from all over the Nordics

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From North to South and East to West, it was a blanket of snow that covered the whole of the region this weekend.


Tough conditions in some places, but when Saturday morning parkruns are a way of life, you can count on the runners and volunteers to come along and keep things on the road. Here’s this week’s snowy photocall form the Nordics:



This week’s Örebro parkrun start photo in the snow

Not often Fælledparken parkrun sees this much snow on a Saturday morning



Over on the west coast of Denmark, there was just a dusting of snow around the paths of Esbjerg parkrun



The sun sneaks above the horizon at the world’s most northerly parkrun, Festningen parkrun in Trondheim



“The running tights were in the wash” – a brave clothing choice at Løvstien parkrun, Bergen!

38 runners set off at Saturday’s Stavanger parkrun

Frost heavy in the trees, the team get ready to start this week’s Uppsala parkrun
Waiting for the start at this week’s Tampere parkrun

Vääksy kanava
Snow is a way of life at the picture postcard Vääksy kanava parkrun
The award for toughest running conditions of the week goes to Tokoinranta parkrun in Helsinki!
Amager Faelled
Jesper 250 Amager Faelled
More snowy scenes in Denmark at Amager Fælled parkrun, where Jesper Mortensen ran his 259th parkrun (after 9 years of parkrunning!)
The ‘Turning Torso’ is just visible, if you look very closely, at Malmö Ribersborg parkrun
Peter in Toyen first finisher
And they’re off! At Tøyen parkrun. Here Peter Hack was first finisher for the first time in 28 runs – try, try and try again and you will succeed!
Haga tents
Polish visitors to Haga
Haga parkrun was back on this week, after a 3 week absence due to icy conditions. We welcomed visitors from Poland – Lucyna Waruszewska and Alina Wrzalkowska are pictured here passing through the Haga Södra gates on the way to the finish.

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