Nyheter - 18th March 2019

This week’s Nordics photocall

Amager Faelled cover

20 events took place around the Nordics this weekend for the first time in 2019, and nearly 900 people were involved either taking part or volunteering at this week’s events. Here’s some of the best photos from this weekend.

82 runners took part in windy conditions at Fælledparken parkrun this week
The start shot capturing all 75 participants at this weeks’ Örebro parkrun
Nordre Faelled
A wet start for this week’s Nordre Fælled parkrunners
Esbjer brunch
parkrunners brunching together after this week’s Esbjerg parkrun
Amager Faelled
Tired children reach the finish line at this week’s Amager Fælled parkrun
Vääksy 2
Vääksy 1
Still waiting for spring to arrive here at Vääksy kanava parkrun!
Malmö tea
“There was a discussion about different types of tea at last week’s fika, so this week Klara, our of our regulars, brought small thermoses of broccoli and broccoli & lemon tea for us to try post run. Something about the chemistry of mixing the lemon in, made the second tea pink. Both tasted really strongly of broccoli, but were more pleasant than you’d expect!”
Hands in the air for Haga parkrun which was back on again this Saturday
parkrunners enjoying fika at the new post-parkrun café in Bergen after this week’s Løvstien parkrun
47 runners runner, including a new ’100′ milestone at this week’s Brabrand parkrun
28 runners braved the rain at this week’s Tokoinranta parkrun in Helsinki
Celebrating the first ice-free parkrun of the year at Tøyen parkrun in Oslo
Waiting for the start at Saturday’s Uppsala parkrun

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Faelledparken cover

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