Nyheter - 8th April 2019

Sadie & Kerstin – Age is no barrier!

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parkrun is absolutely amazing! Where else can a 60-year-old and a 12-year-old be active together, socialize and do something positive as volunteers?
Read Sadie (12) and Kerstin’s (60) story about their experiences at Örebro parkrun:
Sadie with her friend Alma

parkrun – A place where everyone can run / walk and have fun. A place where the community is the most important. A place where people from 5 to 100 years may take part and walk or run. A place where everyone has a smile on their face.
When Kerstin and I are Tail Walkers, we can talk about anything. It can be from snow globes to where to go in the summer. The difference of 60 and 12 years is great but we can still talk to each other about anything and have a nice time together.

Kerstin is a nice, talkative person who loves parkrun just like me. Being Tail Walker with Kerstin is great fun. You get to talk to happy Kerstin whilst enjoying the beautiful nature.
Sometimes as a bonus we have with us Viveka or Kerstin’s partner Kjell. Sometimes we also have my classmate Alma with us. Today we got a huge bonus! We walked with the amazingly happy Kristina and her jet-black furry friend Rica.

Kerstin – always happy!


Now I will be a volunteer again. It’s something I’ve written earlier about how much fun it is. Not only is it fun to meet all the participants who are so happy and positive.
I’ve got a new friend too.
She is called Sadie and is 12 years old, that is, 48 years younger than I am! We walk and talk about different things. It can be anything from which movie we watched movies to what we should do this week. I like to talk about my animals and fortunately Sadie is also an animal lover.
Sometimes I meet people I click with directly. In fact, age doesn’t really matter. I suspect I have more problems with the age difference than Sadie has!
Life with parkrun is just so positive. Going to the meeting place on Saturday morning. Greetings friends and acquaintances and those I do not know as well. I feel the good mood right away. This is going to be fun and here we are happy.
Then Sadie & I set off as Tailwalkers. Talking, talking, talking. We usually run the last 300 m just for the fun of it and of course we will be cheered home by timekeepers who are waiting at the finish.

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