Nyheter - 24th April 2019

Our precious parkrun community

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‘Community’. It’s the gold dust that big brands long to have, creating a ‘community’ that identifies with and is loyal to its brand. Here in Stockholm there are so many different running clubs, training groups, races, organisations, ‘crews’ and events, that it’s hard to keep track. There’s something you could turn up to pretty much every night of the week, usually with the promise of getting tips to run better and faster, and maybe the offer of something free at the end of the evening.
But creating a real community is not something that happens overnight. It’s about friendships and relationships developing over weeks, months and years and bringing different people together. It’s about shared values and creating a community spirit.
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And that’s what we love about parkrun, that it offers such an amazing platform for being able to do this. We love seeing people coming together before and after every parkrun, chatting with old friends and making new ones, sharing stories of their run today, or perhaps something else entirely.

It’s always nice to get lots of people coming along to our events, but really our success is judged by how many people stick around to have a chat afterwards, rather than how many come over the finish line. And it’s why thinking about a post-parkrun café is one of the key criteria when planning a successful parkrun course.
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We also think that it’s lovely that parkrun is an international movement, so that when you go on your travels, you can have the chance to go somewhere that you perhaps never would previously have discovered, and meet some locals who can tell you where you should visit on your trip. Or perhaps you meet some tourists at your local parkrun and have the opportunity to give them some top tips in your home town!
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So we hope you have fun at parkrun this Saturday and meet someone new after your run, jog or walk. Because it’s not really about the running, it’s about friendships. And our big, wonderful, parkrun community.
This parkrun mug says it all!
Deri Thomas
parkrun Nordics Manager

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