Nyheter - 7th May 2019

parkrun on the march in the Nordics!

parkrun prospects map_Nordics cover

parkrun in the Nordics is growing, with more events, more participants and more volunteers than ever before.
Since parkrun came to Sweden in the autumn of 2016 with the arrival of Haga parkrun, Stockholm, 17 new events have opened up, in addition to the 7 events in Denmark that we already in operation.
The number of people signed up for parkrun has more than doubled, with over 27,000 people now registered to run parkrun across the Nordics. And we now regularly have more than 1000 people taking part in parkrun each week.
parkrun prospects map_Nordics

What’s more is that we have plenty of interest in starting up lots of other events in the Nordics, as you can see from the map above. We thought it was a nice idea to publish a map showing where all these enquiries have come from – perhaps there is a location near where YOU live and maybe we can link you up to the other people in your area who have been interested in getting something started?
So help us get a few more dots on the map, and turn a few more of the red spots into orange ones! We’ll be here to support you all along the way, and we’ll also meet the costs of getting your event started.
Do something amazing for your community – start a parkrun!

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parkrun – run, jog or walk – it doesn’t matter!

The first time I tested parkrun I came there all by myself. I knew no one and I am not even from Örebro but immediately I felt welcome and as “part of the gang”. Next time I brought my dad and my little sister and they got as good an impression as I did! Everyone…

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parkrun – run, jog or walk – det spelar ingen roll!

Första gången jag testade parkrun kom jag dit helt själv. Jag kände ingen och är inte ens från Örebro men jag kände mig direkt välkommen och som “en i gänget”. Nästa gång tog jag med mig min pappa och min lillasyster och de fick ett lika gott intryck som jag! Alla man pratar med är…