Nyheter - 16th May 2019

parkrun volunteer in the spotlight!

kung cover vols shot

We want to highlight some of our fantastic volunteers from our events across the Nordics, so we are starting a little series of features where we want to give some thanks and love to our volunteer heroes from our parkruns. If you’re volunteer and want to say a little bit about parkrun, or if you have someone you’d like to nominate, please get in touch!
Name: Sivert Engblom (above, in the middle)
Home parkrun: Kungsängen
Number of volunteer instances: 44
Most common volunteer role: Timekeeper (34 times)

How did you first hear about parkrun?
From my wife, whom I think saw it first on Facebook
Sivert (to the left) ready with the stopwatch
Which is your favourite volunteer role and why?
Timekeeper. You need to be aware of what’s going on and you need to be thorough.
What do you enjoy most about volunteering at parkrun?
Meeting nice people. You get a lot of thanks from the people taking part.
And what do you like best about your home parkrun?
Its closeness. I can cycle down to the event.

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