Nyheter - 28th May 2019

Our weekly Nordic photo round-up

orebro cover pic

Another great start to the week with parkrun on Saturday. Here you get the chance to see how parkrun looked right across the region.


Remember, your barcode works at all parkrun events around the world, so why not go and try another event sometime?


Amager Faelled reeds
Running in the reeds at Amager Fælled parkrun


Also at Dømmesmoen, the local running club came to visit to check out the new parkrun presence in their town. It was a resounding success!
The biggest turnout of the week this week was at Fælledparken parkrun with 114 people taking part.
Festningen fort
The stunning backdrop of the eponymous fort at Festningen parkrun in Trondheim
Festningen vols
This week’s cheery volunteer team at Festningen parkrun

Haga 100
There were 100 people taking part at Haga this week, excluding the little ones getting a ride
Kungsängen snails
Try telling them that parkrun is not a race! Before Kungsängen parkrun on Saturday
The inaugural of Vallaskogen parkrun in Linköping was a great success with 60 people taking part
Always lots of amazing photos from out on the course at Örebro parkrun
Lovstien 2
Not often a flat section at Løvstien parkrun in Bergen!
But it is always worth it for the amazing views….and the feeling afterwards!
Skatås start
More people are continuing to find their way to the beautiful course at Skatås parkrun in Göteborg
Skatås vols
This week’s friendly volunteer team at Skatås parkrun
Approaching the top of the hill at Stavanger parkrun this Saturday. 50 people took part there this week.
Tampere tourists
A big tourist turnout at Tampere parkrun in Finland this Saturday
Thomas Stevens Uppsala
Congratulations to Thomas Stevens who set a new Swedish parkrun record at Uppsala parkrun on Saturday with a time of 15:35. We wish Thomas the best of luck in the Stockholm Marathon on Saturday.
Uppsala start
Also at Uppsala, plenty of shade from the trees at the start now that spring is in full bloom
Uppsala vols
We love seeing these volunteer t-shirts on display – modelled by Gunnar Larsson at Uppsala parkrun

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