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When times are tough

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‘Yes, I won!’ says the gambler. That’s great, but it’s funny that you never hear about the times when the other team win and the bet doesn’t pay off.
And hearing about someone’s latest PB, whether at parkrun or at another running race, is perhaps a similar story. We tend to hear when things are going well, when people are getting faster, and this is of course amplified by social media.
So this a blog for the people who are not running PBs.
For the people who are injured.
Who have been sick.
Who have had a baby.
Who don’t have time to train anymore.
Who are getting older and slower.
Who are lacking motivation.
Because for everyone person getting faster, there’s always someone who is getting slower.
Let’s face it, most of us are not going to be professional runners, or breaking records.
So it’s always worth remembering what’s important about your running. Here’s some of the things that are important to me:
- enjoying being out in nature
- the great feeling (those endorphins) that running gives me
- knowing that physical exercise is important for my general health
- it also helps me to sleep better
parkrun delivers on all of the above, with of course the added bonus of:
- social interaction, running with friends and meeting new people at parkrun
- helping to give purpose and structure to Saturday morning
- And of course you get a time
Maybe it is slower than before. But don’t forget to check your age-graded score in your results, it’s a great motivation when you are getting older. And when you’ve been away from running for a while, why not look at getting a ‘comeback PB’, so you start from scratch again and build up from there. It can feel rewarding to feel like you are making progress, even if it’s from a different baseline than before.
Personally, I’ve been sick for a lot of the past couple of months with a cough that I haven’t been able to shift. It means that the London Marathon passed me by, and my physical condition isn’t anything like it was before. Luckily I’ve had volunteering at parkrun to keep me going and share in the fun of other people’s success for a while. And I’ll be back running parkrun at some point very soon I hope. Just a little bit slower than before. But enjoying every second of it (and there’s more of them when you run more slowly!).
See you on Saturday!
Deri Thomas
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