Nyheter - 4th June 2019

Örebro parkrun – just me and my 12kg rucksack

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Per Hedenskog was planning on getting in shape for his next trip up to the wilds of Sarek National park in Sweden. On learning that he could do this with others at Örebro parkrun every Saturday – together with his weighted rucksack – it shows that there’s more to parkrun than just setting PBs!
Here Per tells his story:
“My first contact with parkrun was through a colleague, Peter Bergström, who has been running parkrun for a while. He thought that Parkrun could be good training for my upcoming hike in Sarek (a national park in Sweden).
Sarek National Park
Which it has become! The best thing about parkrun is that everyone can participate in their own way, depending on their levels of fitness. You track your own time and can try and make a small improvement each week if you want to.

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parkrun is great training for me together with people who share the same joy of improving their health. I’m training for my next trip up to Sarek where I will be walking for 10 days. Every time I take part it’s with my backpack, packed with a weight of about 12 kg to train my back and shoulders. It is also a good start to Saturday and what is perfect for me is that parkrun is available in different places in Sweden where I can also participate. What is also exciting with parkrun is that it is around the world. Imagine being in Bushy Park in London, San Francisco or Sydney…..
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Because parkrun creates an environment for everyone in a group to train together, it creates the conditions for people to make connections all around the world. Lifelong friendship can be built when people with similar interests get together.
Finally, I would like to express my thanks to all the volunteers who make parkrun possible every Saturday morning 9:30 am in Sweden and all around the world. I’m already looking forward to the next Saturday morning when I get to walk my 5 km along with everyone else.
Örebro parkrun #103
Thank you for being there.”
Per Hedenskog
Örebro parkrun

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