Nyheter - 12th June 2019

Summertime – a season for sunshine, swimming…..and parkrun!

Haga parkrun #83

After the long, cold, dark winter here in the Nordics comes the reward – the amazing summers!

Everyone seems to be on holiday, enjoying the outdoors, swimming in lakes, enjoying long, light, warm summer evenings and generally feeling relaxed. And summer cafes open up, but most other things seem to close down!
But not parkrun! One thing that’s part of the parkrun philosophy is to be open all year around, so that you never have to think about whether parkrun is going to be happening on a particular Saturday – of course it will! (Editor’s note: we know that we have to occasionally have to cancel due to other events going on in our parkrun locations or due to ice – but you know what we mean!). So whilst the summer is usually a quiet time of the year for running events, rest assured that you will be able to parkrun right through June, July and August.
Örebro parkrun #55
It’s also a time when we probably need most help with volunteering. Our Run Directors and regular volunteers are no different to anyone else, and will also be taking their summer holidays during this period! Every event will of course be doing its best to make plans for the summer, trying to cover the schedule as best as they can but this is where YOU, if you’re a regular parkrunner, can really help.
Remember at parkrun ‘we are all in it together’! We’re different from a race – it’s not ‘them’ putting on a race for ‘us’, but rather ‘we’ are putting on a parkrun for ourselves every week, and we can all play our part! We think that volunteering is fun and rewarding and you will make a Run Director very happy if you put your name forward sometime this summer (and you’ll feel good yourself as well).
You can do it today – send a mail to eventname@parkrun.com (i.e. haga@parkrun.com, toyen@parkrun.com etc.) and tell then when you can help. You can also look up this information on your event’s home page.
Amager Faelled
Thanks again for helping out and making parkrun the sustainable, welcoming family that we always strive to make it.

See you on Saturday!

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