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Numerical parkruns


Numbers and statistics have always been a huge part of parkrun. From the very first event when 13 runners and five volunteers took part, right up to the present day which has just seen us top 50,000,000 completed parkruns.


And that’s before we even get to milestones, average attendances, total distance run, age grading percentages, parkrun streaks, latitudes and longitudes!


For those looking to take number crunching to the next level, here are five parkruns with a numerical twist…



1. Presint 18 parkrun, Putrajaya – Malaysia




The first parkrun on our numerical lists is Presint 18 parkrun, one of three parkrun events that currently take place across Malaysia. Found in the city of Putrajaya, south of Kuala Lumpur, P18 parkrun joined the family in November 2018.


This ultra speedy course is a pancake flat out-and-backer along Putrajaya Lake, with only three turns on the whole route, making it a dream for PB-hunters!




Unlike events in the UK, Presint 18 parkrun starts at 7:30am each week, and the parkrun start is located just a 30-40 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, making it convenient for those who are in the city or passing through, and popular with tourists.


The lake that you walk, jog and run along during your parkrun was designed to act as a natural cooling system for the city. Let’s just say you’ll need it… temperatures in Putrajaya range between 24°C – 34°C even in winter! You might want to check out our warm weather parkrun tips.



2. Root 44 parkrun – South Africa




The second stop on our numerical parkrun tour takes us to South Africa, to the east of Cape Town. As you can see, it’s an absolute beauty!


The photogenic Root 44 parkrun takes place at Audacia Wine Farm, and the entire course is off-road on gravel and sand trails. The event is one of the oldest in South Africa, having launched back in 2013, and in that time more than 33,000 different people have completed the 5k.




Root 44 regularly scans more than 1,000 barcodes on a Saturday morning. The female course record is held by South Africa Olympian, Dominique Scott, but like all parkruns, Root 44 warmly welcomes walkers, joggers and runners of all abilities, with an average finish time of 40:18 for the course.


Given the event takes place in a vineyard, post-parkrun refreshments are never in short supply, and each week parkrunners grab a coffee at nearby Root 44 Market.



3. Severn Bridge parkrun – UK


Before you say it, yes Severn isn’t technically a number, but given the unique and breathtaking nature of the event, we’ve included it anyway!




Severn Bridge parkrun starts in Monmouthshire, Wales, on the Wye Bridge Section of the old Severn Bridge, and is an out-and-back route over the bridge.


The course takes you across the national border into England, and into the counties of Gloucestershire and Avon, taking in the jaw-dropping scenery of Wales and England either side of the Severn Estuary. At the turnaround point, you then head back across the border, back into Wales to complete.




Understandably, Severn Bridge parkrun has proved a huge hit with tourists, welcoming more than 4,000 different people in less than a year, and is the perfect way to break up your road trip whichever way you’re heading across the border.


Afterwards, you can sit back and revel in the fact that you’ve just completed a parkrun in two different countries – although, for those parkrunners who are not fans of heights, you might want to avoid looking down!



4. Sixfields Upton parkrun – UK




We’re all at sixes and sevens now as we make our way from Severn Bridge in Wales, to Sixfields Upton parkrun in Northamptonshire.


Taking place in a scenic country park to the west of the Northampton town centre, Sixfields Upton parkrun is a multi-terrain two-lapper that passes through a working farm as you make your way around the course.


As you can see, some of the locals can be sheepish…




Almost 4,000 parkrunners have completed the Sixfields Upton course, but as of yet, no sheep. Just remember to bring your baaaa-rcode!



5. Thousand Hills parkrun - South Africa


Our final destination is back in South Africa, where we find the highest number on our list. Fittingly the course lives up to the billing with a parkrun that will live long in the memory. 




Thousand Hills parkrun in KZN was launched in 2016, and as the name suggests, the course is famous for its hills. As it stands, nobody has ever completed this three and a half-year-old event in less than 20 minutes.


Whilst there may not literally be one thousand hills, it will probably feel like it by the time you finish…


Taking place on a rural farm, this “undulating” single-lap parkrun has a whopping 530 feet of elevation gain in the space of 5k!




The good news is what goes up, must come down, so whilst you are navigating the various river crossings and trails you can soak up everything this picturesque parkrun has to offer.


The nearby adventure cafe serves great coffee, so you can sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the views! Or maybe go for a lie-down…

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