Nyheter - 9th July 2019

Community – the secret of success!


This week we at Örebro Canoe Club (Kanotförening) are lucky enough to tell our story. We are a bunch of young people who love to train, and above all to paddle. Our club believes that success is built through community, which is an opinion we share with parkrun. Attending the event has become part of our training, and we have canoeists taking part at parkrun virtually every week.
Photo from Örebro Canoe CLub’s first Örebro parkrun, 2018-04-07, Photo: Annica Fergusson
At our club we all train together, regardless of age and gender. This means that we build up a strong group feeling, which helps to make the training a safe place for everyone. The community makes the exercise much more fun, even on days when it’s raining. Which is also something we agree with parkrun about – having company and someone to battle with makes the exercise fun even on the days when it’s raining and you are about to get blown away.
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Community at both training and competitions, Photo: Jens Murstam and an unknown Canoe Club mum
We are not the people who come to parkrun every Saturday because we love to run – however, we think that it’s a fun event and running is a good complementary training for us canoeists – after all, we do not only use the arms when we paddle!
One of our most regular Canoe club participants at parkrun, Photo: Jimmy Glinnerås
We think it is fun that those who participate in parkrun are not just regular joggers, but everyone comes from elite runners to parents that are usually outrun by their children when it comes to the sprint to the finish.
Always fun with a pacer, Photo: Malin Wiremalm
We thank parkrun for a nice event and a good training session, every Saturday!
It’s not just the children that run, but parents too. Photo: Jimmy Glinnerås
Happy summmer everyone, with best wishes from the kids and the parents of Örebro Canoe Club
Maja Oskarsson, Elin Törnqvist, Hannes Wallerå

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