Nyheter - 15th July 2019

Approaching 6 million registered parkrunners!

4 million

Pictured above, Nadine Evans from South Africa, who was registered parkrunner number 4 million
It’s that time of year when we celebrate an amazing milestone with yet another million people signed up to take part in parkrun. Later in July (probably sometime around when you are reading this newsletter) parkrunner number A6000000 will register somewhere in the world. But now the time taken for each million registrations is actually no longer a year, but as short as 9 months (we reached 5 million registrations in October 2018). Going further back in time, we reached parkrunner number 4 million in November 2017 and 3 million in December 2016. So incredibly parkrun has doubled in size in the past 2 and a half years, or within the time since parkrun started in Sweden.
Will the 6th million parkrunner be someone from the Nordics? Well, the odds are admittedly against us, with around 0.5% of global parkrunners being registered here in the north. But we live in hope! Make sure you get your friends who have been thinking of signing up to do it now……free parkruns for the rest of your life, plus a ‘wow!’ every time you get scanned.
Happy parkrunning everyone.
Deri Thomas
parkrun Nordics

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Last weekend at parkrun in the Nordics there were: 23 events! 740 finishers! 142 fantastic volunteers! 53 brilliant PBs! 34 amazing first-time parkrunners! 81 newly registered parkrunners!