Nyheter - 8th August 2019

parkrunner of the week

micke sandberg cover pic

This week we meet Mikael Sandberg, the first parkrunner in Sweden to run 100 parkruns all at one event. He’s run them all at his home parkrun in Örebro and also helped out as a volunteer 10 times.

How did you first hear about parkrun?
My mum rang me one day when she’d read the paper and saw that there was going to be some kind of running event along Rävgången and wondered if it could be something for me. So I cycled there to check out what it was, and soon I was hooked!
What’s the best thing about parkrun?
All the lovely people you get to meet
….and what’s best about your home parkrun in Örebro?
That it’s close to home and it’s a lovely course
What would you say to someone who’s not tried parkrun before, to try to persuade them to come along?
When you’re old and look back at your life, what would you prefer to have as a memory – that you had a lie-in every Saturday morning, or that you spend them with new friends, whilst at the same time improving your health and fitness :-)

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