Nyheter - 12th August 2019

Lost your barcode? No problem!


Recently I asked a friend if he was planning on coming to parkrun on Saturday. ‘Well’, came the answer, ‘I would, but I don’t know where my barcode is, and it’s a hassle to print out a new one’.
We hope to convince you in a few short paragraphs that he was wrong! Here’s how easy it is to find your barcode (and print it out):
Some easy ways to find your barcode:
1) Reading this as an article in the weekly newsletter? There’s a link at the bottom of the newsletter email to your barcode.
2) Results email – there’s a link to your barcode in every results email (it’s in the text below your result). Search through your email for any parkrun results email and you’ve found it.
3) Original registration email – if you can find your original registration confirmation email, then there’s a link to your barcode there.
4) Your parkrun profile – If you have created a ‘parkrun profile’ (here you can check out all your results too) then you can log-in here and access your barcode.

Never created a parkrun profile? Just create a password here , and then you can access it.
Changed email since you registered, or having other problems? Fill in the very short contact form and send to parkrun Support, and they will help you out very quickly, so that you can then log-in and access your barcode.
5) Buy a parkrun barcode bracelet, tag or credit card so you never have to worry about printing your barcode again! Go to the parkrun website here to buy yours.
In short, don’t let a missing barcode stop you from coming to parkrun!

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