Nyheter - 12th August 2019

parkrun Nordics 1500!

Nordics 1500 English cover

We love working together with all our events right across the Nordic region, and this weekend we will all be pulling together to try and break our attendance record (again!) and bring 1500 people to run, jog, walk or volunteer at our events.
We hope that you will be able to join us on Saturday to help make this happen! You’ll see these images below on your local event’s social media – please share and most importantly, come along on Saturday (and bring a friend too!)
Together we can do it!
Nordics 1500 English
Nordics 1500 Danish (1)
Copy of Nordics 1500 Finnish
Nordics 1500 Norwegian
Nordics 1500 Swedish

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) uppdatering: 11 augusti

Förra veckan meddelade vi att vi hade slutfört vårt COVID-19-ramverk, vår plan för hur vi kan starta upp parkrun på sikt. Där beskriver vi hur event kommer att fungera i länder där smittorisken fortfarande kvarstår.   Du kan läsa mer om vår ”återkomst till parkrun” här.   Här är denna veckas uppdatering från Tom Williams,…


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: 11 August

On Friday last week we published our provisional COVID-19 Framework, describing how parkrun events are likely to return where there remains an underlying level of the virus.   We intentionally published the Framework in advance of it being appropriate to open any of the 21 parkrun countries that remain closed, to enable us to progress…