Nyheter - 12th August 2019

parkrun – run, jog or walk – it doesn’t matter!

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The first time I tested parkrun I came there all by myself. I knew no one and I am not even from Örebro but immediately I felt welcome and as “part of the gang”. Next time I brought my dad and my little sister and they got as good an impression as I did! Everyone you talk to is happy and positive, both the people taking part and the volunteers.
Everyone gives a big round of applause to new participants who have come there, to participants who are celebrating their birthday or have something else to celebrate, and to the volunteers who help tp make this event possible. That’s what I like about parkrun, that everyone is equally valued, whether you are there for the first time or for the fiftieth time, whether you run the course in twenty minutes or if you intend to walk the route as a leisurely walk. There are no excuses for not trying it out!

parkrun joy!
The event is completely free of charge and you can bring both your dog or your child. I brought my one-year-old son in the running buggy last time and it went well! I love running and doing a little bit extra on Saturday mornings after parkrun. The event really helps me to develop my running training, something I have found difficult to do on my own when I have “started over” after pregnancy and childbirth. The atmosphere, the people and the environment give me a real boost.

Little sister Arwen (on the left) and Amanda at Örebro parkrun
I have recommended parkrun to many of my friends but several of them do not feel “good” enough to try. I think many people think that you can only participate in a race if you are a seasoned runner.
Everyone is welcome to take part, and no-one finishes last (there is always a ‘Tail Walker’)
I read that there’s going to be “parkwalk” group starting at Örebro parkrun which is a great idea for people who may not want to run, or can’t run, so that they too can dare to test parkrun anyway. I think it can attract a wider audience, e.g. people with disabilities, beginners in running and people who just want to get some more movement in their everyday life. There are certainly people who want to start running but who do not know how to get started. Getting started in a walking group is a good and convenient first step in the right direction. You then end up among like-minded people and may benefit from more experienced runners who can inspire and give tips. I hope that more people dare to come along and try out this fun event! All of us who participate have different conditions and goals, but all have one thing in common, that we enjoy being active!
Amanda Johansson,
Örebro parkrun

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