Nyheter - 20th August 2019

This week’s photo round-up from our record-breaking Saturday

Faelledparken 1 cover

What a day it was! As you will see from the photos below, we didn’t have the weather on our side everywhere, but that didn’t stop people coming out and joining parkrun. Have a look at a selection of images from right across the region:
Amager Strandpark 1
Amager Strandpark 2
A new attendance record for Amager Strandpark, where we were just able to finish the run before the Ironman Copenhagen was held
Anders Staffe RD
Stepping forward for the first time as Run Director, Anders Staffe at Amager Fælled parkrun
Tough conditions for the runners at a rainy Dømmesmoen parkrun
Esbjerg rain
More rain, this time at Esbjerg parkrun
Faelledparken 1
Faelledparken 2
We don’t mind a little queue at parkrun, time to catch up with the other runners!
Haga jump
Haga start
129 runners at Haga parkrun this week, and some impressive ‘air’ on display
Hannu RD Vääksy
Another RD debut, this time for Hannu at Vääksyn kanava parkrun
Runner Vääksy
This young runner looking proud after completing parkrun with the day’s top age-grade score!
Huddinge 2
Huddinge bugle
Huddinge frame
Huddinge jump
Huddinge ladies
A bunch of photos from Huddinge parkrun’s 2 year anniversary, celebrated with a blast on the bugle!
Lovstien wet
Not uncommon weather for Bergen, but the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the 42 people who took part in Løvstien parkrun #42, a new record!

Örebro 130
Top turnout of the day goes this week to Örebro parkrun with a whopping 130 participants
Smiles at this week’s Nordre Fælled parkrun in Randers
Tampere vols
A lovely picture of this week’s volunteer team at Tampere parkrun
This week’s start-line picture from Tokoinranta parkrun in Helsinki
Mattias Örebro
A great turnout in Uppsala, supervised by this week’s Run Director Mattias
75 at Vallaskogen parkrun in Linköping, a new record again
This week we also welcomed a new event, Växjösjön parkrun in Växjö, which had a great turnout with 56 people taking part in their inaugural run
Vejen wet
Wet, wet, wet at Vejen parkrun!

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