Nyheter - 2nd September 2019

Clapping the volunteers

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I have often been bemused to see that parkrun tourists who come to Tøyen parkrun will clap as they go past the volunteers. Standing as a volunteer and being clapped by parkrunners who are putting in the hard work seems strange at first. Afterall, it is my job is to clap for them! However, as time has gone past I have grown to really appreciate it. Afterall, we are all in it together. Volunteers and parkrunners. We are a big community and everyone has achieved something by participating in the event!
Clapping vols
Having been a parkrunner in the UK, I have noticed that clapping the volunteers does seem to be a «thing.» And i like that. Recognising those that wear yellow vests in order to put on the event and acknowledging that we are all participants that day, whether we run like the wind, walk or scan barcodes. It is just so very «parkrun.»
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So my challenge to you this weekend when you go past a parkrun volunteer is to give them a little clap, give them a high five or even just a little smile. Trust me, it will be well received!
Daz Harding
Tøyen parkrun

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