Nyheter - 2nd September 2019

Click! You’re on camera at this week’s parkrun Nordics

Dommesmoen cover

What a month it has been! Yet again we have had a record-breaking month, with over 6000 parkrunners, nearly a thousand PBs and 800 people taking part in parkrun for the very first time. This Saturday is was the last parkrun of the summer, and we had plenty of sunshine and smiles right across the region. Here’s how it looked:

Amager Faelled from above
We start with a great image – Amager Faelled from above, with the København city skyline in the background
Amager Faelled tshirts
A full house of milestone t-shirts! at Amager Faelled parkrun
32 people taking part on the stunning course at this week’s Dømmesmoen parkrun
Eesbjerg parkrun
Happy scenes at Esbjerg parkrun
Taking on the alternative course Faelledparken parkrun this week
Haga 3rd birthday
Happy birthday Haga! 140 people came and celebrated Haga parkrun’s third birthday this Saturday
Jess cake
Jess Vejen
It was Jess’s 70th birthday this week, and he celebrated by bringing along coffee and cake to this week’s Vejen parkrun
Lovstien Bergen vols
Lovstien Bergen
We never tire of the views at Løvstien parkrun in Bergen!
Nordre Faelled 2
Nordre Faelled Tommy
Loving the selfie-frame at this week’s Nordre Faelled parkrun
Örebro runners
Örebro vols
Örebro parkrun this week – a favourite for volunteers and participants alike
A photo from out on the course today at Skatås parkrun
Tampere PB
Tampere vols
Janne-Matti Koskinen had a big smile when he reached the finish with a record time of 23.38, thanks to some speedy driving by Mika Perkiö – at Tampere parkrun
Tokoinranta 1
Tokoinranta chocolate
Over 50 runners this week at Tokoinranta, including some kind guests from Russia who brought some chocolate with them as a gift to the event team!
Another week with over 100 runners at this week’s Tøyen parkrun
Uppsala start
Uppsala vols
Welcome to the fantastic Uppsala parkrun!
Vääksy dogs
Dogs and runners all loving life at Vääksyn kanava parkrun
Vallaskogen start
Vallaskogen vols
Vallaskogen walkers
More great photos from this week’s Vallaskogen parkrun
At the finish line at this week’s Växjösjön parkrun

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