Nyheter - 9th September 2019

All the action from parkrun Saturday

Haga 10000 cover

The first parkrun weekend in September, and appropriately there was a little bit of an autumnal feel in the air this Saturday. Here’s lots of great photos from right around the region:

huddinge 1
Huddinge 2
This week at Huddinge parkrun, smiles out on the course and Run Director Colm has his hands full
This week’s volunteer team at Tampere parkrun
Vääksy tokoi
Some of the core team from Tokoinranta parkrun were on tour this week at Vääksy kanava parkrun
Vääksy cafe
It’s all about the coffee…..at the post-parkrun café at Vääksyn kanava parkrun
Lovstien 2
No rain in Bergen – no wonder the volunteer team is happy!
Great weather means fantastic views also at Løvstien parkrun in Bergen
Stavanger funnel
There’s been some big attendances at Stavanger parkrun recently……so the finish funnel has been upgraded!
Toyen 2
Toyen 1
The rain came instead to Tøyen parkrun where it was a wet one, but spirits were still high!
Saturday at Festningen parkrun including the new snazzy volunteer roster!
The lakeside start at Växjösjön parkrun
Faelledparken upside down
All is not quite as it seems…….head over heels at Fælledparken parkrun
And the right way up – showing off the selfie frames at Esbjerg parkrun
Örebro jumpers
Jumping for joy at Örebro parkrun
First timers and PB Örebro
First-timers and PBs in force, also at Örebro parkrun
Örebro rain
Let it rain! – this week’s volunteer team at Örebro parkrun
Dommesmoen vols
The amazing volunteer team at this week’s Dømmesmoen parkrun
And a big thumbs up, also from Dømmesmoen parkrun
Vallaskogen scanning
Scenes from the finish of this week’s Vallaskogen parkrun
On the start line at this week’s Uppsala parkrun
Andreas McConnville
We also had a Swedish parkrun record set on Saturday when Andreas McConville ran 15.18 at this week’s Uppsala parkrun. Despite the Scottish sounding name Andreas is a local Swede and not a parkrun tourist flying in to take the record!
Haga gates
Approaching the finish at Haga parkrun
Haga 10000
The 10,000th runner to cross the line at Haga parkrun was presented with a traditional Swedish kranskulla!

250 Amager Strandpark
500 parkruns and counting on display here at Amager Strandpark parkrun

Dela med vänner:

Cardiff litter cover

parkrun – this week it’s a bit rubbish

At parkrun, we are lucky to run in some stunning locations, both around the Nordics and all over the world. Indeed, one of the great benefits of parkrun is to encourage people to get outside and discover the nature around them. But what happens when the beauty of the park gets spoilt by the blight…

Vallaskogen 1 cover

Photo round-up from the Nordics parkrun Saturday

Following in fast succession from parkrun Nordics’ highest and second highest attendances, this week had the third most parkrunners in our history, with over 1300 people taking part across our 25 events on Saturday. Here’s how it looked: Party time at Örebro parkrun this week…..   …..their Selfie frame has arrived!   It was Tampere…