Nyheter - 8th October 2019

Better Together – bring a friend to parkrun


How has parkrun become so successful around the world, despite having an advertising budget of essentially zero?
Well, it is one of the best examples of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations that we know of. Think about how you first got to hear about parkrun? It’s most likely that you heard about it from a friend, a family member, or a colleague – someone else who had discovered parkrun themselves (most likely also from a friend!) and felt that it was so good that they just had to tell someone about it. And maybe arranged to meet you at the event on a particular Saturday, so that you weren’t alone the first time you joined.
We want to celebrate this at parkrun, and so on Saturday 19th October we’re urging all of you who are regular parkrunners to bring someone along who has never before participated at parkrun. Maybe this is someone who just hasn’t found the time before, or perhaps it’s someone who feels a bit nervous about taking part on their own. Maybe they don’t really consider themselves a runner, but you know that they just need a bit of encouragement and a friendly and welcoming environment.
So have a think who YOU can bring along to parkrun. You know what they need to do – just fill in the registration form (see links below), print out their barcode and come along on Saturday. It will be your good deed for the week. And you might be helping to change someone’s life.

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