Nyheter - 22nd October 2019

Leaves on the ground – our parkrun Photos from 19/10

Dommesmoen family cover

Welcome to our photo round-up from our ‘bring a friend to parkrun’ weekend – and with 200 new registrations and over 100 people taking part in parkrun for the first time, you certainly did. Here’s some of the photos from Saturday – you can hardly see the ground for the leaves!
First up we have this snap from Haga parkrun, with 120 runners, the largest event in the Nordics this week. And an amazing carpet of leaves
After the finish at this week’s Tampere parkrun
Still autumnal colours on display at this week’s Vääksyn kanava parkrun
Waiting for the runners to arrive at the finish funnel at Tøyen parkrun
More beautiful colours, this time at Dømmesmoen parkrun
Dommesmoen family
And a lovely shot of a family tackling the course also at Dømmesmoen parkrun
Plenty of parkrun experience on display at the welcome briefing at this week’s Fælledparken
Festningen 2
Mingling at the finish of this week’s Festningen parkrun
Festningen 1
Wonderful views over Trondheim from out on the course at Festningen parkrun
Showing the way – thanks to our volunteers at this week’s Vallaskogen parkrun
Amazing colours this time from Uppsala parkrun
The start-line photo from this week’s Skatås parkrun
Nordre Faelled 2

Nordre Faelled
Welcome from Nordre Fælled parkrun in Randers
The highest turnout for a very long time, with 60 runners – at this week’s Esbjerg parkrun
Some of the volunteers and visitors from Tampere parkrun at Huddinge parkrun this week
Örebro vols
How many heads can you fit in a selfie frame? Örebro parkrun have the answer….
Event Director Matt Ford was in charge at this week’s Örebro parkrun
Malmo selfie

Malmo 2

Malmo vols 2

Malmo vols

And finally a great selection of photos from this week’s Malmö Ribersborg parkrun!

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