Nyheter - 30th October 2019

A spot of rain and a lot of parkrun – our photo round-up from 26/10

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It was a soggy Saturday for large parts of the Nordics region, but with still almost 1000 runners, joggers and walkers turning out, supported by 169 valiant volunteers, it was still another joyful parkrun Saturday in our parks across the Nordics. Here’s some of the best photos from around the region:
Faelledparken 3

Faelledparken 2

Faelledparken 1
There was a birthday to celebrate in Fælledparken, congratulations on being 8 years young! Some wonderful photos here capturing the occasion, thanks to Jan K Madsen

Uppsala 3 

Uppsala 2

Uppsala 1
Some great costumes on display and some VERY wet conditions at Uppsala parkrun, lucky that the course wasn’t washed away!
One of the advantages of a looped course is that you get the see and say hello to the other runners, like here at Vääksy kanava parkrun
Umbrellas to the rescue at Esbjerg parkrun…..
…..and keeping warm before the start of Brabrand parkrun this week!

Amager Faelled
Happy birthday to Fælledparken parkrun, with love from Amager Fælled parkrun!
Lovstien 2

Lovstien 1
Autumn scenes and low cloud at Løvstien parkrun in Bergen
These dogs are loving being part of this week’s Dømmesmoen parkrun!
A warm welcome from Skatås parkrun!
Huddinge jump
A spectacular jump to avoid the puddles at this week’s Huddinge parkrun
haga vols2

haga vols1

haga vols
Spooky volunteers at this week’s Haga parkrun
Haga coffee
And some coffee to warm up the participants at the end of run!

Torrential rain at Växjösjön parkrun on Saturday – a fantastic effort from the volunteers to keep the show on the road!
Tampere vols
This week’s volunteer team at Tampere parkrun
Olari Untera 50
Congratulations to Olari Untera on completing his 50th parkrun at Tampere parkrun
A strong turnout at Tokoinranta parkrun in Helsinki
The hardy runners who took park in this week’s Vejen parkrun, despite the conditions
A massive well-done to 7 year old Oscar, who ran his 50th Norwegian parkrun at Stavanger parkrun on Saturday
Örebro 2

Örebro 1
More rainy scenes at Örebro parkrun on Saturday, well done to everyone who showed up despite the weather
Toyen 2

Toyen 1
Exactly 100 parkrunners at this week’s Tøyen parkrun in Oslo
Festningen 2

Festningen 1
Happy birthday as well to Festningen parkrun, a fine turnout with 58 people taking part to celebrate the anniversary
Nordre Faelled 1
And finally, some muddy legs on display after Nordre Fælled parkrun this Saturday!

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