Nyheter - 30th October 2019

Transforming the results page

results  cover

You might have seen already, but if you haven’t, you are in for a surprise when you see the new results pages after your parkrun on Saturday!
This week we have gone live with the newly designed and reorganised results page – long overdue a refresh!
When we updated the look and feel of the website back in June we deliberately didn’t change anything structural on the website (including results tables) – it was more about giving it a lick of paint, updating the colours and fonts, and organising things so that (most of it) worked much better when viewed on mobile devices.
We subsequently improved the events map and then set about working on updating and improving the results tables. It was clear we needed to modernise and improve these tables so we went back to the drawing board and thought about how this could and should work now, and into the future.
So what’s new?
Whilst the new results page might look quite different, all the same information as before is still there, just reorganised and redesigned to make it easier to view and navigate.
Importantly, we already knew from our own experience and had feedback that told us that the results pages didn’t work well on a mobile. And with 78% of all our web traffic coming from mobile devices, it was a high priority for us to improve the experience of some of our most viewed pages on mobile phones and tablets.
mobile view
The new look from a mobile device
The main feature of the new results page is the ability to toggle between detailed and compact view. Compact view limits the information presented to only the essential information (depending on the available screen size), allowing you to scan through the results quickly and easily. Detailed view allows you to look at much more information (such as number of parkruns completed, milestone clubs, age grade percentage etc), but with fewer visible rows.
compact view
The ‘compact’ view
detailed view2
The ‘detailed’ view

The update also includes a search box, which allows you to type in a parkrunner’s name, age group, gender or running club to quickly jump to a specific result. And as before you can sort the results by position, total parkruns or age grade.
Listening, learning and making it with you
It’s been a team effort. For the last two months we’ve been designing and developing the new results page with you. Working alongside over 200 volunteers from around the world, and gathering insight from our support desk and on social media, we have received dozens of pieces of feedback allowing us to refine and improve the website so that it works in all 21 parkrun countries and is the best possible experience for the 6,000,000+ registered parkrunners around the world.
If you have been involved in this project, providing feedback, testing features or assisting with translations – thank you! We’re proud of the improvements we are making to the parkrun website and hope the whole community enjoys the updated website.

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