Nyheter - 19th November 2019

parkrun – if I can do it, so can you!


Every Sunday I’m already looking forward to next Saturday. It’s fantastically fun and challenging for me. Those 5km. The feeling when you once more reach the finish line, cheered on and encouraged by my faithful parkrun friends who are still waiting there, even though they have already finished. We boost one another and celebrate my new PB (by5 seconds this time!).

I’ve always walked. Quickly. When I grew up, we always went for a Sunday family walk. My son and I walked. My son, his partner and his two children walk and are regular runners who take part in many races in Australia. When I was visiting my family in Australia in the spring, I was given, as a Mother’s Day present, an entry to a charity 2km race. Surprise! Me, who never runs! Challenged by my family, one of whom was 5 years old and one aged 6. Absolutely, I can do that I thought, I can “power walk” it.

And how I enjoyed it! The togetherness, the cheering, the happiness. I was hooked! Next I signed up for parkrun Australia where my step daughter often runs. We started together in my parkrun debut in June of this year. On my return to Malmö, of course I naturally continued with my parkrun Saturdays, 16 times I think I have taken part now. The same feeling every time. Happiness. Community.
Now I mix power walking and jogging (!) and every third event I try and achieve a new PB! For me 1 second quicker is enough, that still counts as being faster! Now I am close, again, I was just a few seconds quicker on Saturday!

But parkrun isn’t a race. I’m competing just against myself. Walking, jogging or a mixture of the two. The goal is to take myself around 5km, a tiny bit quicker than last time if possible. Take the dog, take the pram, Granny, Grandpa. Everyone is welcome. Come and have fun. Rejuvenate yourself! If I can do it, so can you!
THANK YOU to all the volunteers who faithfully and happily make this possible for us all.
Paula Mårtensson
(PB 38.58)

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